Support for CMF Ministry is Tax deductible. Checks may be made out to CMF and sent to:

c/o Bethany Christian Fellowship
25 Warren Street
Sayre, PA 18840

All monies received by CMF are used in support of:

  • Missions: Colombia, Bogota, India, Kenya, etc.
  • Conferences: USA, Canada
  • Ministerial Gatherings: Tuscarora Inn and Conf. Ctr. Mt. Bethel, PA
  • Guest ministries: Lodging and travel for visiting ministries.
  • Travel Expenses: Most of this expense is picked up by the individuals involved and/or their home churches. CMF helps where needed.
  • Miscellaneous expenses: Gratuity to translators, overseas phone expenses, etc.

NOTE: No one is on a payroll. No building or facility expenses.