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    Welcome to Christian Maturity
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Did You Know...

  • That Christ Ministerial Fellowship is not an organization as such? One does not join CMF as one would join or gain membership to an organization, particular ministry, or even some local church. There is no ìmembership list.î

    Rather, the bond that holds the various individuals and ministries together is a spiritual one. We have found that such a bond is greater because it unites hearts together in a common vision, purpose and calling that produces a brotherhood bound heart-to-heart and hand-to-hand.

    There is an ìemail contact listî of all individuals and ministries associated with, or affiliated with CMF. Connection is maintained with the body of CMF by way of visitations, and ministry to local churches (at home and abroad); by newsletters and email updates of its messages and activities; by the www.christianmaturity.com website; and with bi-annual ministerial gatherings the last of April and October.

  • That Christ Ministerial Fellowship has a governing body consisting of Elders: Bert Ghilardi, Lou Pressman, Mark Waters, and Ric Vargas.

    The calling of CMF to bring the vision of Christian Maturity in the Gospel of the Kingdom has proliferated in recent years to include ministry to local assemblies and as leadership conferences in several locations in Africa, India, Columbia, Nepal, SE Asia, and others.

    Because most of the church/fellowships associated with CMF are independents (non-denominational) CMF serves as a spiritual covering for many church/fellowships.

  • That the work of CMF is funded by freewill contributions from ministries and church/fellowships associated with it. There are no appeals for donations or fund raising. Rather, identification by these local ministries and fellowships with the spiritual value of the work of CMF has produced a burden to share, or be a part of the work in prayer, exhortation, and financial assistance.

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